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Shows I've seen....


 Billy Joel 

 Blink 182 

 Bob Seger  

 Bon Jovi

 Brad Paisley 


 Bruce Springsteen

 Carrie Underwood

 Cheap Trick 


 Chris Stapleton


 Counting Crows




 Def Leopard

 Elton John

 Faith Evans

 Foo Fighters


 Goo Goo dolls

 Green Day

 Guns n Roses

 Gwen Stefani 




 Joan Jett 


 Katy Perry

 Kelly Clarkson

 Kenny Chesney

 Kid Rock

 Kings of Leon


 Lil Kim

 Linkin Park*

 Lionel Richie

 Maroon 5



 Melissa Etheridge

 Mötley Crüe

 Muse w/ 30 seconds

 Natalie Merchant


 New kids on the block


 No doubt

 Peter Cetera 

 Pearl Jam 

 Puff Daddy 

 Rascal Flatts

 Rob Thomas

 Rollling Stones




 Taylor Swift


 Three Doors Down

 Tom Petty


 Uncle Kracker  

 Van Halen  


...and still counting

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